The title is self explanatory. Made in 2014.

I Could Be a Dentist

A film about a dream, a hope, an aspiration.

Audio recorded using vintage technology from the Thomas Edison Museum.
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Murder By Mallet

Two sociopathic upper-class men are playing a friendly round of croquet when their game is abruptly interrupted by the sounds of an obnoxiously loud tennis player. Hilarity ensues from there. Shot on Spectra super 8 color stock. Made in 2013.


This piece is part of "GAEUL" (Autumn in Korean).
KYOULBOMYOELEUMGAEUL is a day by day - ongoing project made in Korea.

HER RED was shoot on OCTOBER 27 2014 in Seoul

" KYOUL means Winter in Korean, BOM is Spring, YOELEUM is Summer and GAEUL is Autumn. It is Rafaël's 1 year - 4 seasons live-cinema exhibition and shorts films projects made in Korea, where he live curently. Every season composed by many sequences, divided by dates, and presented in chronological order as live-cinema performances, installations, screenings, etc... It is a day-by-day / on-going work and a kind of video-journal of his stay in Korea."
(Visual Artbeat magazine #11 February-April 2013)

Acting by
Sori Ahn

Narration by
Sun Young Ryu


HER RED // OCT 27 2013 // GAEUL // Rafaël
Rafaël © 2014 all rights reserved